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1301. We buy sinkhole homes in Florida

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Sinkhole house problems and solutions.

We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida.

Sell my sinkhole house?

I am an investor that purchases unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida. Florida has experienced sinkholes in various areas. If you are experiencing sinkholes you may recognize it by the settling of the house. Neighboring houses are often affected by sinkholes. If others in your area are experiencing sinkholes or have mentioned that they are noticing settling on their house, your house may also be in danger. Sinkhole damage can be very costly to repair and I am willing to purchase your damaged house at fair market value.

We buy sinkhole houses

What are Sinkholes in Florida?

Sinkholes are holes that are produced by the decomposing of the limestone or carbonate rock that lies under the serf ice in some regions. Florida has a limestone foundation under most of the state and is number one in sinkholes. The limestone foundation wears away and decomposes with rain water and drought conditions. As the limestone breaks away and decomposes the soil lying on the limestone begins to cave in. A house that sits on decomposing limestone will experience a shifting as the foundation of the house is affected by the decomposing limestone.

Will Sinkhole Effects on Market Value of the house?

Many neighborhoods that experience sinkholes are faces with a decrease in the value of their house. Sinkhole houses fair market value decreases in value by 10 to 20 percent when compared with non sinkhole houses. houses are already valued at a lower market price than they were even a year ago due to the economy, so the further decrease in value can be very discouraging to house owners.

Will Sinkhole Effects on the Structure of the house?

Sinkhole effects on the structure of the house can vary depending on the speed of the decomposer as well as the length of time it takes to start securing the foundation of the house. Sinkholes can be different sizes and shapes and they can affect the property differently depending on where the are located on the property

What about Insurance Company Sinkhole House Coverage?

Call your house owners insurance company immediately upon recognizing any of these signs. Your insurance company will send out a professional to validate your claim. If your claim is denied you are able to appeal the denial. You may need to contact a lawyer that is experienced in sinkhole law. A lawyer will insure that you are dealt with fairly and that you receive all that you are entitled to in your insurance policy.

If you are interested in hearing more information on sinkholes or if you are interested in selling you damaged sinkhole house call us. We are professional investors that are very well trained in the area of sinkhole damage. We are willing to buy your house at fair market value.

Can Sinkhole houses be repaired?

We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida.

Sell my sinkhole house?

We buy sinkhole houses in Florida. Sinkholes are caused by a decomposing of the soil and a breaking down of the layers of soil causing holes. Limestone is common in Florida and the limestone that is under Florida’s soil breaks down due to moisture and due to lack of moisture. Shifts in the rain and drought season can cause a decomposing of lime stone. Check the amount of sinkholes that have damaged houses in your county. If it has been an issue in houses surrounding your house you will want to have your house evaluated.

Can Sinkhole houses be repaired. If you notice key indications that there may be a sinkhole on your property contact your insurance company immediately. Settlement that caused cracks in ceilings and walls or even in the floor can be indications that sinkholes may be present. Sinkhole evidence can also be seen in cracks or separation of the outside steps from the house. While houses that totally collapse into a sinkhole are quite rare sinkholes will cause considerable damage to houses and can leave them unstable and unsafe. Sinkhole houses can usually be repaired; however, house owner insurance carriers often deny repairs and will instead choose to payoff the insurance amount on the house. This is due to several reasons. The costs of repairs often outweigh the insured value of the house and the chance of future shifting and damage is a risk that the insurance carrier is not willing to take.

The house owner is protected by clearly defined laws that define the rights of the insurance carrier and the house owner. These laws are best clarified by a lawyer that specializes in cases that protect the house owner in cases pertaining to sinkholes. The lawyer can help the house owner fight for their rights to have repairs completed or to have additional tests done or reread if the insurance carrier denies the claim for sinkhole damage completely based on their reading of the tests.

We buy sinkhole houses

Sinkhole damage can be very costly

We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida.

Sell my sinkhole house?

We buy sinkhole houses in Florida that are damaged from collapsing soil. Sinkholes are the result of settling and shifting in the sole caused by a decomposition of the limestone under the house. There is a under layer of limestone located under Florida soil. This limestone decomposes in weather changes such as excess rain or drought. The decomposition of limestone causes a breaking down and collapsing of layers of soil that lie on top of the limestone.

Sinkhole damage can be very costly. If you notice settling in soil in your yard or cracks in outdoor steps it may indicate that a sink hole is causing a shift in the ground and is affecting the structure of the house. Florida has more sinkholes than any other state. There have been horror stories where houses slid into total destruction due to a sinkhole. However, this is very rare and nearly unheard of. Most sinkholes affect the structure and safety of the house but can be addressed through underpinning and grouting. A large concern is that the underpinning and grouting bring relief to the structure but do not really address the sinkhole itself and further damage is not uncommon. A house can be repaired and underpinned only to experience further damage through the collapsing of the sink hole or through the formation of a new sinkhole.

Insurance will cover the costs of repairs however, most insurance company determine to pay the maximum coverage on the house rather than pay for repairs. A specialized lawyer is often needed to battle with the insurance company to demand that damages be repaired. This often proves to be an additional cost and lengthens the time before repairs are made and can give cause for further damage to evolve as the house shifts and moves on unstable soil.

The house owner should move out of the unstable house until repairs are made. During the repairs the floor will need to be lifted as the foundation under the load bearing walls is secured and reinforced. The cost of living outside the house during the legal dispute and during the repairs can be lengthy. If you choose to sell your house instead of dealing with the repairs I will give you fair market value for your house. There are several options available to house owners who are experiencing sinkholes. There are laws that are established to clearly define the rights of the house owner and that of the insurance carrier. Sinkhole houses can be repaired and the costs can be paid for by the insurance carrier. If you opt to sell contact me for a great offer on your house.

We buy sinkhole houses

Sinkhole houses are often money pits.

We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida.

Sell my sinkhole house?

Sinkhole houses are most common in Florida. The shifting soil is due mainly from decomposing layers of limestone under the surface. This limestone can decay and break apart in high water levels and also in drought like circumstances. The sand and dirt that lies on top of the limestone then becomes unstable and shifting of the house can take place. We buy sinkhole houses in Florida. Sinkhole houses are very expensive to repair and can still experience sinking and settling after thousands of dollars in repairs.

Sinkhole damage is often first seen in settlements in the ground or by cracks in the walls or ceiling. These cracks can be evidence that a graver situation is taking place in the ground under the house. houses that are experiencing sinkholes often have a hilly yard or dips that are evident when the lawn is freshly mown. Do not take these slight confirmations of a major issue lightly. Sinkholes can destroy houses beyond repair and the faster you get the situation addressed the better it will be for your house.

Sinkhole houses are often money pits. The money that is required to repair the houses can be in the hundred thousands. The initial repairs cannot be guaranteed to last. There may be additional repairs that are needed in the future. The expenses that face the house owner are covered by house owners insurance. Immediately call your insurance carrier and place a claim. The carrier will send out engineers to assess the damage and confirm that there is sink hole damage.

Most insurance companies will pay for repairs only if there is no noted structural damage. If there is noted structural damage than the insurance company will pay the maximum insured amount on the house. This will save the insurance company thousands of dollars but can leave the house owner with a damaged house that needs immediate attention. If the house is structurally damaged it may not be suitable for living in. The house owner may need to find another place to stay while they determine what step is best to take. I am looking to purchase damaged, unrepaired sinkhole houses in Tampa, Florida. Call me for a fair market quote.

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Sinkhole house problems and solutions.

We buy sinkhole houses in Florida.

Sell my sinkhole house?

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