We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses.

1313. We buy sinkhole houses in Pasco Fl.

Sell my sinkhole house?

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We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida.

Lawyer that specializes in sinkhole laws.

We buy sinkhole houses in Florida. I am an investor that is looking to purchase houses that are experiencing sinkhole damage. We buy sinkhole houses for a fair market value. Sinkhole houses can be repaired however the repairs can often be time consuming and extensive. If you are determining whether to have your house repaired or to sell your house call me and I will give you an offer.

If you have already contacted your insurance company and have been denied your claim for repairs then it is recommended that you call an attorney. An attorney will read the tests that the insurance company has had completed and will be able to determine if you do indeed have a valid claim. The lawyer will then file an appeal for you under the law that clearly outlines the rights to appeal a denied sinkhole claim.

A lawyer that specializes in sinkhole laws will be able to clarify your choices for you and will help you fight for your claim and for repairs to your house. Many times insurance carriers pay off the maximum insured amount on the house rather than paying for repairs. A lawyer will insure that your policy is accurately read and that you receive the maximum amount that is entitled to you. houses that need repair may need to be vacated for an extended period of time. A lawyer can work with your insurance company and properly read your policy to ensure that you receive all that you are due. Repairs will be extensive. Walls and flooring that have shifted will need to be repaired. Door jambs that have been altered as the house settled will need to be adjusted. The floor boards will need to be lifted as the foundation under load bearing walls will need to be secured. This process can be long and tedious.

A specialized attorney will also be able to ensure that you get the best contractor for the job. A contractor with experience and knowledge of sinkhole damage and laws is crucial as many times there can be hidden damage or additional future damage if the repairs are not completed correctly.

If you determine that you are not willing to go through all the code and requirements in Pasco County, Florida for sinkhole repairs then call me for a fair market value quote. A lawyer will ensure that you get the best deal possible with your insurance company and I am willing to purchase the house with the unrepaired sinkhole damage.

We buy sinkhole houses Florida.

We buy sinkhole houses in Pasco Fl.

Sell my sinkhole house?

Call 813.545.5263.

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